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Derwent Line Painter set of 5 #01

Derwent Graphik Line Painter Set of 5 - Set #01
These painters issue fluid, opaque pigment ink from a .05 mm Japanese nib, offering an immense depth of color, even on dark backgrounds. You can even use a brush to blend and create effects. The waterbased ink is solvent-free.
"These painter pens are brilliantly versatile, clean to use and easy to carry when you are not in the studio - Stunning pigments, dense, vibrant and bright!" SAAs, Professional Artist, Sharon Hurst.
Available as singles, in sets of 5 complementary colours and a box of all 20 sensational colours. These flexible, free flowing line painter pens are the perfect friend for any artist - so have fun and experiment!
Colours include:
01 Brickroad (Yellow)
03 Tom (Orange)
04 Herring (Red)
11 Paradise (Blue)
12 Minted (Teal)

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