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Crafty Resin Kit 250ml

$37.30 $47.30

Boyle Crafty Resin Kit 250ml 2 part epoxy Resin kit

Boyle Crafty Resin is a 2 part epoxy resin system offering an easy-to-use formula that is ideal for arts and crafts, mould casting, high gloss varnish and so much more.

Boyle Crafty Resin kits are safe for home use when used as directed.

Coverage: Crafty resin 250ml kit covers a flat area of approximately 39x39cm when poured.  One thick coat equals up to 60 coats of varnish. The application and the addition of pigment will vary the coverage. 

Easy 1:1 ratio, Anti-yellowing, High gloss finish, Dries crystal clear, Non flammable, No VOCs & BPA free, Food safe after curing, Self-leveling 


30 minutes work time. 24 hour cure time. 

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