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Base Palette set of 7 Atelier Artist Acrylic

$96 $121.20

 Base Palette set of 7 Atelier Artist Acrylic  - RRP $121.20

This is the Recommended Basic Palette for starting using the quality Atelier Interactive Artist Acrylics.  This palette should cover all your mixing needs.  

A great place to start your acrylic collection, including a FREE SAMPLE MEDIUM (one chosen at random per pack)

Atelier Interactive is the most versatile acrylic paint on the market. It handles like a conventional acrylic making it a popular choice for Fast Drying Techniques, but it has other exclusive abilities if you want to use them.  

7 colours in the collection:

Titanium white                    (Series 1)
Arylamide Yellow Light      (Series 3)
Napthol Crimson                (Series 3)
Cobalt Blue Hue                 (Series 2)
Raw Umber                         (Series 1)
Napthol Red Light              (Series 3)
Pthalo Green                      (Series 1)

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