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18 x 36 inch - Museum Stretched HD Canvas

18 x 36 inch - Museum Stretched HD Canvas - 457 x 914mm
Museum is the canvas of choice for artists who want their work to look its best. Made from only the best materials, Museum gives you true gallery quality. Museum canvases are stretched by hand for optimum tension. We tailor our corners for a neat finish without cutting the canvas which can compromise the ability to re-stretch the work without tearing. A generous canvas allowance makes it very easy to re-stretch your painting.
The professional stretcher bar system is made in New Zealand and features slot and tenon joints. Once the canvas has been stretched, wedges can be inserted into the corners to further tighten the canvas if required. This professional system also allows paintings to be transported by removing the canvas from the frame, making shipping your art work cheaper and reducing the risk of damage. The width of the staples and their even spacing helps disperse tension consistently across the canvas.
Museum stretched canvases can be used for either oil or acrylic works. All feature acid free acrylic gesso, that is of archival quality so you know that the works you create today will last for many, many years. Our canvases are primed with a universal primer ready for you to paint on. We recognise that some artists like to further prepare their painting surface by washing down the canvas to remove any residual dirt or grease and applying a further coat of acrylic primer for better adhesion between the paint layer and the ground.

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