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YONO Set 6 Primary (FINE)

$55 $63.80

YONO Set 6 Primary (FINE) (stock due mid Jan)

YONO = You Only Need One

The Marabu YONO Marker is an opaque acrylic marker pen that works on almost any surface. The marker is suitable for light and dark surfaces, and contains high quality ink that is water-based, lightfast and has very little odour.

Variable 0.5-1.5 mm Fine tip.

The tips can be removed from the shaft of the pen for cleaning, and can also be replaced. These markers are suitable for use on most surfaces including: canvas, concrete, glass, ceramic, wood, plastic, leather, and fabric. The matt shades dry opaque (excluding neon).

After drying, the ink is permanent on absorbent surfaces and can be removed from non-absorbent surfaces. On smooth, non-absorbent surfaces, the ink can be wiped off with a damp cloth.

Colours in pack: Yellow, Cherry, Dark Blue, Rich Green, White, Black


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